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Upknit at Cashmerestory


After producing cashmere sweaters there is always small amount of yarn left on the bobbins. These residual yarns are not big enough for one sweater alone but differ in colors to combine them together. And yet they are still high quality, high value 100% cashmere yarns.

After researching ideas we decided to make neck warmers that are perfectly suited for those bobbin yarns. Using the resource we have efficiently is one way of responsible consumption.

When you buy our neck warmer you will support our Upknit at Cashmerestory initiative. Be part of our Upknit community now.

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Fair for those who matters

In Mongolia many families and herders day to day life depends on knitwear industry. Many women put food on plate by working in small factories. We partner directly with those small factories for our products and value their contribution fairly.

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Why our cashmere

When you purchase a cashmere delight from our shop you will

  • Plant a tree in deserted area in Mongolia. Click here for more detail

  • Support local families whose life depends on this industry

  • Support our mission to create a roadmap to authentic, sustainable and long-lasting cashmere garments

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