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Our Story

We are a Mongolian-Korean family living in Switzerland since 2019. It all started when someone asked online shop link where one can buy good quality Mongolian cashmere garments from producers in Mongolia directly. While researching we have noticed that small producers who are at the beginning of supply chain do not often have all the resources to create and maintain online shopping platform. So we decided to fill this gap and Cashmere Story was born. Our mission is to offer a good quality Mongolian cashmere garments with Korean fashion element directly from producers’ factory to end users’ hand keeping sustainability in mind.


One Sweater, One Tree

In Cashmere Story, we collaborate with Shambala2056 team and purchase a Tree from every sales we make.

Shambala2056 is an Engineering project in Mongolia run by Young Engineers dedicating their time and knowledge for development of deserted region. Not only they plant trees but also take care of them until the trees are mature enough.

We are deeply inspired by the resistance of these young professionals and happy to be their partner.

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Upcycle / Recycle

We believe in Upcycle and Recycle

Cashmere is a natural fiber hence it is amazingly durable. We just need to mend and care for it in order to enjoy it many more years. In Cashmere Story we believe that repairing and recycling pre-loved garments is wonderful way of extending its lifecycle. Check out our Repair and Recycle offers.


Our future plan

Although we are at the beginning of our journey we have a big plan. We plan to introduce Yak Wool, a fiber that is not yet known to many. You will find few items in our collection so that you can get a feeling of what this majestic fiber can offer. We hope you will enjoy.

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