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Repair / Recycle

Cashmere is a natural fiber hence it is amazingly durable. We just need to mend and care for it in order to enjoy it many more years. In Cashmere Story we believe that repairing and recycling pre-loved garments is wonderful way of extending its lifecycle. Check out our Repair and Recycle offers.


Have you found out holes on your beloved cashmere sweater? Don’t worry, we can help. If the size of the hole is small we can do invisible mend using artisan repair techniques.

If any of the holes are beyond the magic of invisible mending, we’ll contact you to discuss patching options before we go any further.

In case the damage is too big we can convert your sweater into a new item such as small gloves or a beanie.

How it works:

  1. Take picture of your sweater in full front and back. Take picture of the each hole if there are several.

  2. Send all your pictures to

  3. We will analyze the pictures and will contact you back with our proposed solution.

  4. Once agreed, please send us your sweater. Address will be provided by us via email.

  5. Once repair magic is completed we will send back your sweater for you to continue enjoying.

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